Dance of Death

Catalog #: 
CK 89061


Dance of Death is Iron Maiden's thirteenth studio album, released first in Japan on September 2 and rest of the world on September 8, 2003.

This album marks the first participation in songwriting by Nicko McBrain, who co-wrote the song "New Frontier" and also is the first (and so far only) time that all members of the band get a songwriting credit. It is sometimes mistakenly said that Steve Harris performed all the keyboard parts on the album because no credit is given to usual collaborator Michael Kenney, but this is actually due to an oversight in the printing of the album booklet (no instrument credits are given to any of the full band members either). The band's usual message in every album (a variation on the line "Up the Irons!") is absent too.

The computer-generated cover art for the album was provided by David Patchett, but he asked to be removed from the credits because he was not satisfied with the result. The version used was actually a prototype provided by Patchett, but the band decided to use it in its incomplete form. Upon close inspection, one can note several of errors: The character on the far right looking out of the picture appears to have a broken neck. The white dog is standing on the snake underneath it. The baby's foot is cutting into the dog and appears more to be suspended in mid-air than sitting on a wolf. The small child character at the front on the left is standing on the other characters foot. The character doing a back-flip on the left of Eddie has a dislocated shoulder, his left hand is also against his right arm instead of on the floor and the back-flipping character's right leg is dislocated.[1]

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