Fat (EP)

Mar 1981
Catalog #: 
NAR 005


Quick, immediate, goofy, fun — Fat and the Descendents in general in a nutshell. Aukerman turned out to be the genius addition to the original trio, with the ultimate in bratty sneering whines and yelps and a perfectly gone sense of humor. He actually became even more high-pitched with time — here sometimes he sounds at points more like an early Black Flag vocalist — but he's still got it down just right. The band merrily bashes and crashes behind, combining Wire's sense of "get done and go home" with poppy L.A./O.C. hardcore hooks. The result was a hyperspeed trashing of modern youth Kultur circa 1981, where the song titles in some cases took longer to read than to listen to the tunes as a whole. "My Dad Sucks" starts the whole thing and stops just as abruptly, only to dive into the story of "Mr. Bass," namely the adventure of said fish and his eventual appearance "on my wall." And so forth — those demanding really deep thoughts from the band's music should look elsewhere. The most appropriate track of them all is the 15-second "I Like Food" — "turkey legs and raw fish eyes/teenage girls, with ketchup too!" — while "Weinerschnitzel" is even shorter and even crazier, detailing an order at said hot dog joint with barely room to breathe.

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