The Ragbirds

Ann Arbor
Years Active: 


The Ragbirds are a folk group that began in Ypsilanti, Michigan and moved to neighboring Ann Arbor in 2007. The band began with vocalist and instrumentalist Erin Zindle and drummer Randall Moore. The group was later expanded to include bassist Jeff Stinson, guitarist and vocalist Adam Leabeaux, and percussionist Greg White. White left the group after a year to pursue a career in education and was replaced by Tim Dziekan, a student of Moore's. In April 2006 the sadness of the death of a good friend of the band and "merch girl" Lisa Radtke was followed by the happiness of Moore's marriage proposal to Zindle, and they were married a few months later. In the latter months of 2006, the group introduced Matthew Melody as the new guitarist/vocalist to replace Leabeaux who left to pursue another project. Most recently, Dan Hildebrandt has replaced Stinson on bass. TJ Zindle, founding member of Last Conservative, is the Ragbirds current guitarist.