Richie Ramone

New Jersey
Years Active: 
Drums, Vocals


Richie Ramone (born Richard Reinhardt) is an American drummer best known for his five year stint as the drummer for the punk rock group the Ramones.

Richie Ramone joined the band around the time of the release of Subterranean Jungle in late 1982 and appears in two music videos from that album, although he did not play on the record itself. He also worked on the albums Too Tough to Die, Animal Boy and Halfway To Sanity. He also has one live album which was recorded on February 25, 1985 called Ramones Smash You: Live ’85. He penned the songs "Smash You," "Somebody Put Something in My Drink," "Humankind," "I'm Not Jesus," "I Know Better Now" and "(You) Can't Say Anything Nice."

He left the band abruptly in August 1987 allegedly because of a dispute over money. According to interviews in the film End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones, he quit after Johnny Ramone refused to evenly share the money from t-shirt sales with him. Subsequently, Ramone worked on some of Dee Dee's solo recordings. He was briefly replaced by Elvis Ramone (aka Clem Burke of Blondie and Romantics fame): after Elvis played just two gigs, Richie's predecessor Marky Ramone rejoined the band and stayed until the band broke up in 1996.


Released: 1984