Welcome to The Concert Database! This site is dedicated to documenting as much of Michigan's rich blues, jazz and rock history as possible. Included here are:

  • Concerts that have occurred in Michigan
  • Concerts that Michigan-related bands/musicians have played (worldwide)
  • Recording sessions that have taken place inside & outside Michigan (for MI bands/musicians)

I am most interested in older shows so am a little slower to add stuff from the 2000's to present.

Regarding the Discography: I am only tracking the original version of songs and where they were played, so you won't see all tracks by an artist. E.g. Iron Maiden has quite a few live albums. Their song "Iron Maiden" is on almost all of them. I am only tracking the original on the "Iron Maiden" album.

I am very slow to respond to emails. Nothing personal. If you're asking about when a particular show you went to back in the day happened, I may not answer for a while but will research it and let you know when I find something.

If you know of, attended, etc... concerts that are not listed on my site, please use the contact form and email them to me. I will be happy to add them and appreciate the help.

PS - I do not own or know where to get bootlegs for any shows. I do not have an affiliation with any venue and cannot book your band or rent you the venue. I do not know what's going on this weekend.