Texas Motel Medley

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The "Texas Motel Medley" is a brief suite that was featured by Zappa in his 1988 tour. It consists of three Beatles songs with the words re-written to reflect the recent exposure of evangelist Jim Swaggart with a prostitute in a Louisiana motel on February 21, 1988. The suite consists of the following three songs:

  1. Norwegian Wood - re-styled as "Norwegian Jim", the words describe the encounter of Swaggart with a prostitute. An amusing insertion is the repetition of a riff from Leonard Bernstein's song "I Feel Pretty" from "West Side Story";
  2. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - re-styled as "Louisiana Hooker with Herpes" with appropriate lyrics;
  3. Strawberry Fields Forever - re-styled as "Texas Motel", but the refrain changes constantly.

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