PJ's Lager House

1254 Michigan Avenue
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Event Datesort descending Featured Artist(s) Additional Artists
Intoxicats 10/19/2001 Intoxicats
Brendan Benson 11/16/2001 Brendan Benson
The Americans
The Witches 01/05/2002 The Witches
The Deadstring Brothers
Blaze Sherman Fury
The Hentchmen 01/12/2002 The Hentchmen
Whirlwind Heat
The Paperbacks
The Come Ons 01/19/2002 The Come Ons
KO & The Knockouts
Mr. Airplane Man
The Shams
The Wild Bunch 01/26/2002 The Wild Bunch
The Dirtbombs 02/09/2002 The Dirtbombs
Bantam Rooster
The Von Bondies 02/23/2002 The Von Bondies
The Buzzards
Demolition Doll Rods 03/02/2002 Demolition Doll Rods Bogue
Mid By Midwest 03/08/2002 Brendan Benson
The Witches
The Dishes
Rented Rooms
Mid by Midwest 03/09/2002 Chrome Flies
The Hentchmen
The Nice Device
Freddy Fortune & the Four Gone Conclusions
The Sirens
Ethos 03/23/2002 Ethos Rented Rooms
The Pattern 03/26/2002 The Pattern Natural History
The Mooney Suzuki 03/31/2002 The Mooney Suzuki
The Witches
The Lords of Altamont 04/06/2002 The Lords of Altamont
The Go / The Hentchmen / Whirlwind Heat 04/12/2002 The Go
The Hentchmen
Whirlwind Heat
The Fondas 04/18/2002 The Fondas
The Paybacks 04/20/2002 The Paybacks
The Sights
The Dirty Sticks
The Buzzards 04/25/2002 The Buzzards Del Gators
Les Sexareenos
Chrome Flies 04/27/2002 Chrome Flies
The Nice Device
Dirty Shame
Soledad Brothers 05/04/2002 Soledad Brothers
Lost Goat
Fireballs of Freedom
Outrageous Cherry 05/11/2002 Outrageous Cherry The Alphabet
Family Haircut
The Dishes 05/17/2002 The Others The Dishes
The Sirens
Troy Gregory 05/18/2002 Troy Gregory
The Bloody Hollys
Blaze Sherman Fury
Bottom 05/21/2002 Broadzilla Bottom